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Battery Energy Storage System Turnkey solution

FFD POWER leads the way in manufacturing battery energy storage systems. Concurrently, we offer comprehensive turnkey solutions, encompassing both DC and AC coupled systems. Our solutions cover a spectrum of applications, including energy backup, peak shaving, load shifting, transformer enhancement, and energy arbitrage. Services provided span system design, integration, training, installation, and warranty, offering a complete approach to diverse energy storage needs. With offerings ranging from 5 KWh to 2.15 MWh, our turnkey solutions signify a holistic solution for various energy storage requirements.

1200 KWH / 600KW

Battery Storage System: Last generation long-life LiFePo4 battery technology .

Battery Management System (BMS): CELL Level BMS for monitoring and managing the performance, health, and safety of the batteries with active and passive balancer. It ensures optimal charging and discharging, temperature control, and overall system efficiency.

Power Conversion System (PCS): The PCS is responsible for converting the direct current (DC) from the batteries into alternating current (AC) for use in the electrical grid or for powering connected devices and converting from AC to DC for charging batteries.

Control and Monitoring System: This includes software and hardware components that enable remote monitoring, control, and management of the entire energy storage system. It allows operators to optimize performance and respond to grid or energy demand fluctuations.

Enclosure and Safety Systems: Physical housing, cooling systems, and safety features are important to protect the battery system from environmental conditions and ensure safe operation.

Grid Connection Equipment: Components for connecting the energy storage system to the electrical grid, including inverters, transformers, and switchgear.

Installation and Commissioning Services: By cooperating with hundreads of installation team we provide services for installing and commissioning the system, ensuring that it operates according to specifications and meets safety standards.

Training and Support: Training programs and ongoing support are typically provided to ensure that the end-users or operators understand how to operate and maintain the system effectively.

Warranty and Maintenance Services: Warranties on equipment and ongoing maintenance services to address any issues that may arise during the operational life of the system.

Turnkey Solutions

Plug and play Energy Storage System 

5 KW single phase system with hybrid inverter and 5-20 KWH @51.2 V battery 

10 KW three phase system with hybrid inverter and 10-25.6 KWH @204.8-512 V battery

60 KW three phase system with hybrid inverter and 70-350 KWH @ 716.8 V battery 

Expandable to 240 KW three phase system by off-grid AC coupling , 600 KW on-grid AC coupling

100 KW three phase system with bidirectional AC-DC module , 215 KWH 768 V battery and EMS

Expandable to 1MW three phase system by On-grid AC coupling 

100 KW three phase system with bidirectional AC-DC PCS , garvanic transformer, 215 KWH 768V battery and EMS  

Expandable to 1MW three phase system by off-grid AC coupling 

Battery PACK
High Voltage Box

By fine-tuning the Energy Management Architecture (EMA) settings, the system becomes a versatile solution capable of addressing a multitude of energy concerns. This adaptability empowers users to navigate and resolve diverse energy challenges with precision, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency. Whether optimizing power distribution, managing grid interactions, or responding to varying energy demands, through its configurable EMA, stands as a dynamic and comprehensive solution to alleviate and address your energy worries.

Peak shaving and valley filling in industrial and commercial energy storage systems refer to leveraging energy storage technology to capitalize on the disparity in electricity prices in the market. The system charges during periods of low electricity demand and discharges stored energy during peak demand, allowing users to buy electricity at lower costs during off-peak times and sell it at higher prices during peak hours, thus achieving economic benefits. This peak shaving strategy not only reduces users’ electricity costs but also enhances the stability and reliability of the power system.

The capacity of a user’s transformer is typically fixed, and traditionally, when the user needs the transformer to operate in overload during a specific period, the conventional approach is to expand the transformer capacity. However, with the installation of a matching energy storage system, it is possible to charge the energy storage system when there is surplus capacity in the transformer. Additionally, the energy storage system can be charged through photovoltaics. When the transformer operates in overload, discharging the energy storage system during that period can reduce the transformer’s load, thereby avoiding or mitigating the costs associated with transformer capacity expansion.

Optimizing the integration of energy storage with photovoltaics (PV) aims to enhance energy utilization efficiency and smooth power output. With an energy storage system, the PV system’s generated power can be stored during peak periods, allowing control over PV grid feed-in power. Subsequently, this stored energy can be released during off-peak or nighttime hours to balance the electricity demand. This optimization contributes to maximizing the utilization of solar energy, improving system self-sufficiency. The combination with an energy storage system allows surplus electricity to be stored for use when PV output decreases or is unable to provide power, ensuring a stable and reliable power supply.

A high-power emergency energy storage system is a specialized segment within the new energy battery industry, essentially a “super-capacity power bank.” This system boasts high energy storage capacity and output power, capable of being charged through the grid or photovoltaic systems during surplus electricity periods. In the event of grid failures or instability, the emergency energy storage system can provide reliable power support through an off-grid mode for emergency rescue. This system is versatile, finding applications not only in homes and businesses but also in scenarios such as emergency response, hospital backup power, and optimizing power quality.


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1200 KWH / 600KW
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