SOLE X Series

Indoor energy storage system for C&I use

Sole X series Energy storage system

Enhance your energy management with the SOLE X SERIES, an economical and modular 20~215 KWH battery energy storage system that brings top-tier efficiency within reach. Initially, tailor your storage capacity with flexible modules that span from 20 KWH to 215 KWH per cluster. Furthermore, effortlessly scale up by linking multiple clusters for a robust multi-MWh configuration.

Consequently, this adaptability positions the SOLE X SERIES as an ideal solution for robust, scalable power storage, catering to an extensive array of energy demands. Whether you’re starting small or expanding to a large-scale setup, the SOLE X SERIES adapts to your evolving energy needs with ease.

Multi clusters Paralleled

SOLE 15000-XS

Unveil the SOLE 15000-XS, a leading-edge high-voltage KWH battery energy storage system equipped with sophisticated LFP battery modules from the SOLE 15000 lineup. Each module possesses a formidable capacity of 51.2Vdc/280 AH, skillfully crafted for peak efficiency in both energy storage and distribution. Furthermore, this system guarantees consistent and dependable energy supply to a variety of devices, including inverters, PCS units, chargers, and dischargers.

Delve into the diverse configurations, such as the “SOLE 15000-4S,” which clearly defines the number of SOLE 15000 battery packs (ranging from 4 to 24 packs) that can be connected in series to amplify voltage output. Moreover, this modularity offers the SOLE series the ability to deliver customized energy solutions that cater to a vast array of power requirements, thereby ensuring scalability and adaptability in the KWH battery energy storage system sector.

  • SOLE 15000-4S: 57.32KWH ; 204.8V 280AH
  • SOLE 15000-5S: 71.65KWH ; 256V 280AH
  • SOLE 15000-6S: 85.98KWH ; 307.2V 280AH
  • SOLE 15000-7S: 100.13KWH ; 358.4V 280AH
  • SOLE 15000-8S: 114.64KWH ; 409.6V 280AH
  • SOLE 15000-9S: 128.97KWH ; 460.8V 280AH
  • SOLE 15000-10S: 143.3KWH ; 512V 280AH
  • SOLE 15000-11S: 157.63KWH ; 563.2V 280AH
  • SOLE 15000-12S: 171.96KWH ; 614.4V 280AH
  • SOLE 15000-13S: 186.29KWH ; 665.6V 280AH
  • SOLE 15000-14S: 200.62KWH ; 716.8V 280AH
  • SOLE 15000-15S: 214.95KWH ; 768V 280AH

SOLE 10000-XS

Revolutionize your energy management with the SOLE 10000-XS, a dynamic high-voltage KWH battery energy storage system that showcases a state-of-the-art design with multiple LFP battery modules. Each module delivers a substantial 102.4Vdc/100 AH energy capacity, seamlessly integrated within a specially designed high-voltage enclosure for superb energy storage. Additionally, the system’s storage capacity is incredibly versatile, with options extending from 20 KWH to an impressive 122.88 KWH, achieved simply by adjusting the number of battery modules.

Moreover, the SOLE 10000-XS is available in a variety of configurations, for instance, “SOLE 10000-4S.” Here, the numeral following the hyphen indicates how many SOLE 10000 battery packs you can connect in series. Specifically, a “SOLE 10000-4S” configuration means that four battery packs are connected in series, which not only increases the voltage output but also significantly enhances the KWH battery energy storage system’s capability to meet a wide spectrum of energy requirements.

  • SOLE 10000-2S: 20.58KWH ; 204.8V 100AH
  • SOLE 10000-3S: 30.72KWH ; 307.2V 100AH
  • SOLE 10000-4S: 40.96KWH ; 409.6V 100AH
  • SOLE 10000-5S: 51.20KWH ; 512.0V 100AH
  • SOLE 10000-6S: 61.44KWH ; 614.4V 100AH
  • SOLE 10000-7S: 71.68KWH ; 716.8V 100AH
  • SOLE 10000-8S: 81.92KWH ; 819.2V 100AH
  • SOLE 10000-9S: 92.16KWH ; 921.6V 100AH