SOLE 5000

Low voltage energy storage system

SOLE 5000

The SOLE 5000 home Energy Storage System (ESS) is a lithium iron phosphate battery (LiFePo4) based system with a nominal capacity of 5.12 KWh at 51.2 VDC / 100Ah.

It is suitable for small and medium-sized houses, and up to 16 modules can be connected in parallel to increase the capacity to 81.9 KWh. This ESS can be connected to the Internet of Things (IoT) communication module and can be remotely updated to work with various low-voltage single-phase and three-phase inverters, making it suitable for multiple application scenarios. This ESS can be used to store excess solar energy or cheap night-time energy and release it as needed, such as during power outages or at night.

IEC 62619

EN IEC 61000

UN 38.3/ MSDS


Up to 10 years

Use EVE brand new, A-grade 3.2V/100AH ​​Lithium Iron Phosphate cells, automotive-grade BMS control and protection system and electronic components.

Exceptional lifespan

Up to 7000 deep cycles

Through reasonable control of charge and discharge current, we can guarantee more than 7000 charge and discharge cycles, DOD@80%

IoT Upgrade Module

Remote Upgrade

SOLE 5000 can be through the external WIFI intelligent communication module to enable the technicians of FFD Power to remotely upgrade the equipments,to match any brand’s 48V inverter and troubleshooting

Single module

Nominal voltage


Nominal capacity

5.12 kw.h


Up to 16 modules

Expandeble mode


Charge/ Discharge current


Communication port


Cell Capacity


Cell voltage


Dimension (WxDxH mm)


Installation method


Design life



IEC 62619 / CE /UN38.3

Best cell for best energy storage system

New , Original , Classe A , automotive level cell from EVE 

The same choice of BMW and Huawei for Lithium battery cell 

Every cell is printed a unique Q-code for check all information of this CELL 

A new FFD POWER energy storage system is normally equipped with the cell produced in the last 6 months .

Easy stackable design

Low voltage Up to 16 modules in parallel with 81.9 kw.h , with a easy stackable design using limitator / retainer plate, after placed one battery , fix the retainer plate with screws , then place another battery directly on the face of previous one , adjust the position using the limitator , then fix retainer plate on the second battery …

Smart communication module

SMART MODULE is an IoT smart communication module which special designed for photovoltaic installers and agents of FFD Power.This module can be externally connected to the SOLE 5000 series energy storage system to realize remote control, troubleshooting, optimization and upgrading of the SOLE 5000, as well as the matching of different brands and different types of inverter protocols.

Compatible with all existing inverters

The existing firmware matches with more than 20 inverter models by clicking the inverter model .

Any new inverters can be matched by firmware updating .

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