Sole 10000

High voltage energy storage system

Cluster 1024V @ 1024KWh

Our three-level management solution for efficient and scalable energy storage is based on a Battery Management System
(BMS), Remote Terminal Unit (RTU), and System control unit (SCU).
At the core of the system, the BMS provides essential cell control, monitoring, and protection for reliable and safe operatio n
of Sole 10000 units with 10.24 KWH energy storage capacity.
The second level of the system features an RTU, integrated into the high voltage box, for cluster management of up to 10
units of Sole 10000 with 102.4KWH energy storage capacity. This enables easy monitoring and control of multiple energy
storage clusters.
For large-scale energy storage, our system offers a third level of management, featuring a comprehensive SCU integrated
into the busbar box. This system can efficiently manage up to 10 battery clusters in parallel, with a total energy storage ca-
pacity of 1024KWH. By optimizing energy usage and reducing energy costs, our system is ideal for commercial and indus-
trial applications.

SOLE 10000

High voltage energy storage system module

Sole 10000 is a reliable and efficient solution designed to meet flexible energy storage needs of industrial and commercial applications. It is a lithium battery module of 102.4V/ 100AH to build high voltage energy storage cluster with single HV box from 20.48 Kwh to 1024 Kwh by 10 Sole 10000 in series . High voltage cluster with HV box can be connected in parallel up to 10 clusters to build a ESS of 1024 KWH with FFD POWER Busbar cabinet . This module is equipped with new A grade cutting-edge EVE cell technology, renowned for its high energy density, long cycle life, and exceptional safety features.

  • High Reliability : 6000 cycles guaranteed
  • Connection mode : In series
  • Cell : A grade EVE 100AH * 32 Series
  • Monitor : 16 temperature sensor , 32 voltage sensor
  • Easy connection: Automatic ID generating
  • Equalizing system : Passive standard (Active optional)
  • Pack and Cell detection : Voltage , current , temperature, short circuite , isolation alarm , protection
Technical Data
ModelSOLE 10000
Ambient TemperatureCharge: 0°C--55°C
Discharge: -20°C--55°C
Battery Type
Lithium-Iron-Phosphate (LiFePo4)Cycles>= 6000 cycles @ 80% DoD
Usable Storage Capacity
10.24 kWh
Communication InterfaceCAN
Nominal Voltage
Approvals and standardsIEC62619 / UN38.3 / CE-EMC & LVD
Standard Charge Current
100AWarranty7 years
Standard Discharge Current
100APossible applicationsOFF-Grid + Hybrid
Dimensions [L.W.H mm]


SOLE 10000 Cluster management system

The ultimate solution for managing high voltage clusters with ease and safety! Specifically designed for the Sole 10000 lithium battery high voltage cluster, this multi-functional electrical box is built with the latest technology to ensure reliable performance and electrical safety.
With an electrical level of 1500 V/250A , the HV Box includes advanced features such as battery cluster voltage and current acquisition, switch control (general positive, general negative, pre-charge, and disconnector), fan driver, BMS power supply, and communication with BMS and SCU. The HV Box is the perfect solution for labs, industrial applications who require a reliable and easy-to-use high voltage energy storage system with a capacity of up to 102.4KWH

  • Cluster detection : Cluster voltage and current
  • Power supply : BMS , Fan DC power supply
  • Switch checking : General positive , general negative , pre-charge , fan switch status checking
  • Cluster shut-down : Disconnector to shut down cluster for emergency and maintenance
  • Charge and discharge management : By communication with BMS on Sole 10000 , manage charge and discharge logic and protection
HV BOX Tecnical Data
Storage Temperature
Working Temperature
Working Altitude
0~4000 m
Working Humidity
5~95% RH
Max Current
Max Voltage
Fan in
Power Supply
Fan out
Max Capacity
SOLE 10000*10 Units @ 102.4KWh
Voltage Aquisition
Cluster voltage <=1000V ( ≤±1% FS )
Cluster voltage >1000V ( ≤±0.5% FS )
RS 485
2 Ports
Current Aquisition
0~250A (FS±1% FS )
Communication with SCU
Communication with BMS

Busbar Cabinet

Multi cluster management system

The Busbar Cabinet is an essential component of any energy storage system, providing efficient and reliable control, protection, and communication capabilities.

It is a control cabinet that connects battery clusters with PCS energy storage inverters, EMS systems, and environmental monitoring equipment (such as fire, air conditioning, and access control systems). Inside the cabinet, you will find the large storage system battery pack circuit breaker (with live operation), UPS power supply, large storage master control and monitor module, large storage display , and an emergency stop switch. These components work together to enable the control, protection, and data communication functions of the lithium-ion energy storage battery pack’s charging, discharging, and operations.


  • Power supply : Power SCU and display with DC , Power HV box with 220VAC
  • UPS : Power 220AC to UPS with battery to keep the system Uninterruptedly powered
  • Communication : Communication with HV box , Inverter , EMS and environmental monitor
  • Emergency stop : Stop system for emergency
  • Data storage and export : Operation , allarm and protection data storage
  • Monitor : Parameters detected on HV box and Sole 10000
  •  : By communication with BMS on Sole 10000 , manage charge and discharge logic and protection
Busbar Cabinet Technical data
Busbar box-1500A
Electrical Level
Working Temperature
Storage Temperature
Working Humidity
5-95% RH
Working Altitude
0-4000 m
Max Voltage
Max Current
Power Supply
Control and Display
Touch screen
Max Capacity10 Clusters @1.02MWH
CAN3 Ports : Communication with RTU
3 Ports :Communication with Inverter and display
RS 485
4 Ports
RS 232
1 Port Communication with UPS