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FFD POWER provide IEC 62619 test and certified batteries for solar


IEC 62619 is an international standard that outlines the methods and requirements for determining the performance of photovoltaic (PV) modules. The standard is published by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) and is commonly used in the PV industry to ensure the quality and reliability of PV modules.

The standard provides detailed requirements and methods for measuring the electrical performance of PV modules under specified conditions, such as under standard test conditions (STC) and under non-standard test conditions (NMOT). The PV module’s power output, current-voltage characteristics, and other electrical parameters are measured and evaluated against the requirements set forth in the standard.

IEC 62619 is significant because it provides a uniform method for evaluating the performance of PV modules, which allows for fair and consistent comparison of different PV modules. The standard is widely used in the PV industry, both by PV module manufacturers and by buyers of PV modules, to ensure that the modules meet a minimum level of performance. The standard is also used by testing laboratories and certification organizations to certify that PV modules meet the requirements of the standard.

In practice, the requirements of IEC 62619 are applied during the testing and certification of PV modules. PV module manufacturers typically perform testing in accordance with the standard to demonstrate that their modules meet the required performance levels. The modules are then submitted to an accredited laboratory or certification organization for evaluation and certification. Once a PV module is certified to IEC 62619, it can be marketed and sold as a high-quality and reliable PV module.

IEC 62619 can help PV installers with:

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