Reliable battery

Real 10 years warranty

FFD POWER use active  equalizing system and new A grade LiFePO4 cell from tier one manufacture to provides our warranty .

What is a reliable battery ?

A reliable battery should operate in the suggested environment without failure and working life.

In the correct operation , most of the battery failures are caused by the difference of voltage between cells . 

For battery packs, the voltage difference between individual cells is one of the main indicators of consistency. The smaller the voltage difference, the better the consistency of the cells and the better the discharge performance of the battery pack. Conversely, the larger the voltage difference, the less consistent the battery pack–and as a result, the discharge performance will be adversely affected. The discharge energy of the battery pack becomes insufficient, and it gradually deteriorates as the number of cycles increases. The consistency become worse and worse , failures will come more frequently .

More cells are connected , more difficult to maintain high the consistency  , the reliability is lower .

How to maintain high consistency of the battery ?

Active equalizing system

Active equalizing system is relative to passive equalizing system , they are two methods for balancing the battery cell energies . So before listing the advantages of active equalizing system , we need to know what is passive equalizing ?

In passive balancing, energy is drawn from the most charged cell and dissipated as heat, usually through resistors.

This method can buy more charging time for less cells. In this way, the power of the whole battery pack is limited by the less charged cell . During the battery pack charging process, lithium batteries generally have a charging upper limit protection voltage. When a certain string of batteries reaches this voltage value, the lithium battery protection board will cut off the charging circuit and stop charging. If the charging voltage exceeds this value, which is commonly known as “overcharge”, the lithium battery may burn or explode. Firstly energy disspated as heat will lower the energy usage efficiency , the most important thing is heat is absolutely not friendly to battery system that may cause more problems.  

In active equalizing system, energy is drawn from the most charged cell and transferred to the least charged cells until the cells energy get balanced , as a result the voltage difference will be minimized to the acceptable tolerance . 

So except the cost issue , active equalizing system is much better than passive equalizing not only in the view of reliability but also the safety . 

New A Grade cell from Tier 1 Cell manufacture

For a good dish of meat , the indispensable element is good meat .  As well as in a good battery pack , the indispensable element is Cell .

So firstly we need to know what is a good cell ?

During the manufacturing of Lithium-ion cells, a very strict procedure is followed for grading them.
Since no manufacturing process can produce 100% perfect yield, less than 10% of the produced cells do not meet the standards required to fall under A grade and hence they are classified as B grade cells. The reasons for rejection can be either the cells do not match up to the expected performance or a cosmetic defect or both. B grade cells also have a minimum performance expectation and if they don’t meet it, they are further classified as C grade cells. C grade cells are the Lowest priced cells in the market and they can be used for single-cell portable applications operating at a very slow charge and slow discharge rate with lower expected battery life.

So only A grade cell can represent quality of the cell manufacture .For good consistency of cells , we should use the A grade from Tier 1 manufacture .

Every single cell is trackable

New , Original , Classe A , automotive level cell from EVE 

The same choice of BMW and Huawei for Lithium battery cell 

Every cell is printed a unique Q-code for check all information of this CELL 

A new FFD POWER energy storage system is normally equipped with the cell produced in the last 6 months .

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