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Make lithium battery easy , reliable and safe .

How do we empower our partner ?

We support our partners to grow in the renewable energy market 360 °

Sourcing capacity

We share the best battery side-line product manufacture resource 

Marketing Capacity

We support on local advertisement with local language

Technical Capacity

Our Strike Training Plan helps our partner become a professional battery engineer in the shortest time

What is FFD partner ?

FFD Power designs and manufactures high-quality Li-ion batteries, but our offerings to our partners go beyond just the batteries themselves. As a partner, whether you are an agent or distributor of our products, we provide a range of support to help you become a leading renewable energy eco-system provider in your local market. This includes technical assistance, marketing support, and sourcing assistance to ensure that you have the resources and expertise you need to succeed.

At FFD Power, we are committed to helping our partners grow and thrive in the renewable energy market. We believe that by working together, we can make a positive impact on the world and promote a more sustainable future.

Battery side-line product

Become the top choice for overall solutions in the photovoltaic industry in just one day with our comprehensive range of equipment for the photovoltaic energy storage industry.

As a leading Li-ion battery manufacturer in China, we have built strong relationships with key suppliers of battery side-line products such as inverters, solar panels, panel rotating motors, and panel brackets. We have also entered into strategic cooperation agreements with some of these suppliers to share resources and further strengthen our capabilities in this market

Local advertisement

Maximize your reach and become a leading expert in your region with FFD Power! Our advanced products and marketing strategies will help you stand out in your industry and attract new customers.

To get started, we’ll use top promotion platforms like Google, LinkedIn, Alibaba, and Facebook to showcase our brands and products. We’ll utilize the local language to effectively communicate with your target audience and drive traffic to our E-commerce platform. This will allow us to tap into the network flow and boost local sales through our partners.

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Strike Training Plan

Elevate your expertise and become the go-to energy storage expert in your area with FFD Power! Our cutting-edge technology and comprehensive support will make it easy for you to handle any battery needs with ease.

To ensure your success, we’ll pair you with an advanced artificial intelligence IoT detection box. Simply connect it to the battery and it will automatically diagnose any issues, expressing complex technical problems in clear and simple language. You’ll be able to offer exceptional technical services and stand out in your field.

Existing partner distribution


How to become a partner?

Please fill in the form below and our international commercial director will contact you within 24 hours