Hybrid Inverter/Three-phase 10KW ~ 20KW

FFD POWER KY-EST Series Hybrid Inverter/Three-phase

KY-EST12KH/ KY-EST15KH/ KY-EST17KH/ KY-EST20KH series inverters, also known as hybrid or bidirectional solar inverters, are suitable for energy management of solar energy systems .such as photovoltaics, cells, loads, and power grids. The electricity generated by photovoltaic panels is used for residential electricity, and excess electrical energy can be stored in batteries. When the battery is fully charged, the user can send excess power to the grid.

When the photovoltaic power is not enough to meet the user’s load demand, the battery will discharge to the load. If there is not enough energy storage in the battery, the grid will supply power to the load through the system.

The inverter has a transformerless topology and is not isolated between the DC input and AC

output. Adaptive PV models must meet IEC61730 Class A standards.The energy management system is shown in Figure

KY-EST Series Hybrid

Inverter/Three-phase 10KW-20KW

  • Smart Switching : UPS function,supporting three-phase imbalance,on/off grid switch within 10ms.
  • Wide voltage Input Range: Wide PV voltage input range 180V-950V,wide batteries voltage range 180V-550V
  • Smart and Simple:Small size ,light and easy to install,support GPRS/WIFI/RS485/USB upgrad
  • High-efficiency:Max Efficienty 98.2%,smart MPPT,tracing efficiency up to 99.9%
  • Safety and Reliable:IP65 protection,high electricity quality,no interference with other equipment,low radiation
  • PV & Storage System : Intergrated PV and storage system model,high self-use efficienty,with UPS Uninterrupted Power Supply

FFD POWER KY-EST Series Hybrid Inverter/Three-phase Technical Data

Max.PV Input PowerW13000W19500W26000W
Max.PV Input VoltageV1000V1000V1000V
MPPT Operation Voltage Range (V)180-950180-950180-950
Number of MPPT/PV Strings1/22/22/2
Max.PV Input Current (A)15/1512.5/2323/23
Short-circuit Current of PV Input (A)18/1815/3030/30
Max Input/Output Voltage (V)550700700
Operating Voltage Range (V180-550180-700180-700
Max Charge/ Discharge Current (A)25/3050/5050/50
Max Input/Output Power (W)20000/2000015000/1500020000/20000
Battery TypeLi-ion/Lead-acidLi-ion/Lead-acidLi-ion/Lead-acid
AC Input and Output
Rated Power W100001500020000
Max. Apparent AC Power (VA)100001500020000
Nominal AC Voltage Vac380380380
AC Power FrequencyHz50/6050/6050/60
Max. AC Output Current (A)152231
Power Factor Range~ 1(Adjustable from 0.8 leading to 0.8 lagging)~ 1(Adjustable from 0.8 leading to 0.8 lagging)~ 1(Adjustable from 0.8 leading to 0.8 lagging)
OutputTHDi(@Nominal Output)<3%<3%<3%
Off-Grid AC Output (Back-up AC Output)
Rated Output Power W100001500020000
Max. Apparent AC Output Power VA100001500020000
Nominal AC Output Voltage (Vac)380380380
AC Power Frequency (Hz)50/6050/6050/60
Max. AC output Current (A)152231
General Data
Operating Temperature Range-25℃——+60℃(>45derating)-25℃——+60℃(>45derating)-25℃——+60℃(>45derating)
Operating Altitude ( m )< 4000< 4000< 4000
Noise (dB)< 45< 45< 45
Cooling MethodNatural ConvectionNatural ConvectionNatural Convection
Ingress Protection RatingIP65IP65IP65
Relative Humidity0—100% No Condensation0—100% No Condensation0—100% No Condensation
DC Connection TypeMC/Amphenol/PhoenixMC/Amphenol/PhoenixMC/Amphenol/Phoenix
AC Connection TypePlug-in ConnectorPlug-in ConnectorPlug-in Connector
Communication With PortalRS485WiFi/GPRS Optional RS485WiFi/GPRS Optional RS485WiFi/GPRS Optional
Communication With BMSCANCANCAN
Communication With MeterRS485RS485RS485
Mounting MethodWall-mounting BracketWall-mounting BracketWall-mounting Bracket
Dimensions ( W*D*H mm )505*570*220505*630*220505*630*220
Weight kg232324
On-Grid StandardAS4777.2NRS097-2-12017PN-EN50549-12019VDE-AR-N 41052018EN50549-12019+AC2019-04AS4777.2NRS097-2-12017PN-EN50549-12019VDE-AR-N 41052018EN50549-12019+AC2019-04AS4777.2NRS097-2-12017PN-EN50549-12019VDE-AR-N 41052018EN50549-12019+AC2019-04

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