Industrial On-grid Use Solutions

Three phase 100-2400 KW AC Charging and Discharging

Outdoor Energy Storage Solution With AC charging and Discharging

Outdoor energy storage solution for industrial on-grid use. It includes an IP 54-rated cabinet with a 4 KW air-conditioner, lithium battery, bidirectional AC-DC inverter, EMS (Energy Management System), antifire system, humidity and temperature sensors, water immersion sensors, and an access control sensor. This solution seamlessly integrates into the grid through AC charging and discharging, offering versatility beyond traditional applications. It enhances the performance of PV systems, facilitates peak and valley arbitrage, and dynamically enhances transformer capacity.

Galaxy 215 AIO-2H
High Voltage Box

System configuration

Our industrial on-grid use solution, GALAXY 215 AIO-2H, is equipped with an EMS, a 100 KW three-phase PCS (Bidirectional AC-DC), a 215 KWH lithium battery, and a UPS for Black start functionality. This foundational module facilitates the seamless construction of a scalable system. Moreover, it has the capability of reaching up to 1 MW PCS power and 2.15 MWH capacity in an energy storage system through AC coupling.

2.15 MWH Energy storage system with 1MW charging and discharging capacity

Galaxy 215 AIO-2H *10


For industrial on-grid use, the GALAXY 215 system can be fine-tuned through the Energy Management System (EMS) settings to address various energy concerns. Its adaptability empowers users to navigate and resolve diverse energy challenges with precision, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency. Whether optimizing power distribution, managing grid interactions, or responding to varying energy demands, the GALAXY 215 with its configurable EMS serves as a dynamic and comprehensive solution to alleviate and address your energy worries.


Dynamic Capacity Enhancement of Transformers

When establishing an Electric Vehicle (EV) charging station and facing constraints in contracted power from the grid, the GALAXY 215 solution offers an immediate remedy. GALAXY 215 allows for swift microgrid construction, starting with an additional 100 KW. If this proves insufficient, seamless integration of more Galaxy units can expand microgrid capacity up to an impressive 1 MW, achieved with a total of 10 Galaxy 215 units. This scalable approach ensures flexibility and future-proofing for your EV charging station.


Peak Shaving and Load Shifting for Existing PV plant

Say farewell to the conventional practice of selling excess energy back to the grid. Instead, with the advanced energy storage function of Galaxy 215, the energy generated by photovoltaic (PV) systems can be intelligently stored. This stored energy becomes a reliable power source for your home during periods when PV generation is insufficient. Embracing this capability allows for a transition to a more self-sufficient and sustainable energy model. Additionally, this transition enables you to optimize energy usage, reduce dependency on the grid, and contribute to a greener future.


Timed and Power limited Charging and Discharging

Fully charging the Energy Storage System (ESS) during low-cost valley hours and strategically discharging stored energy during high-demand peak hours ensures effective energy arbitrage and cost optimization by leveraging price differentials in the energy market. Moreover, this intelligent energy management strategy allows you to maximize the value of stored energy by taking advantage of off-peak electricity rates. Seamlessly integrating charging and discharging cycles enables greater financial savings and enhances overall energy efficiency.