Easy for installers

Simplify your installation process and after sales service

Make energy storage system easy for installer

Thanks to our software engineering team , together with FFD POWER solar batteries we provide iOT APP to installers for simplifing all the energy storage system intstallation and after sales service.

How to do it ?


Our iOT BMS enables real-time monitoring and configuration of our lithium battery parameters from anywhere in the world via FFD POWER cloud, accessible from smartphone, computer, or tablet. Experience enhanced control and monitoring capabilities with features such as temperature, voltage, current, alarm, and protection information tracking, as well as modifiable parameter adjustments. Our iOT BMS simplifies installations and post-sales support, providing our customers with a seamless experience and the ability to troubleshoot and regulate communication protocols with multiple inverters, including firmware upgrades. Experience the future of battery management with FFD POWER’s iOT BMS system.

This system is enhanced also by a user-friendly interface available on smartphones, computers, and tablets. The intuitive interface simplifies complex technical parameters and alarms, allowing easy adjustments to the battery. Connecting to a new inverter has never been easier – simply click on the desired inverter icon and confirm, with the communication protocol automatically set for compatibility. Experience ease and simplicity with FFD POWER’s iOT BMS system and its cutting-edge interface.

  • Temperature
  • Cell Voltage
  • Current
  • SOC
  • Protection 
  • Alarm


  • Protection value
  • Alarm value
  • Charge parameter
  • Discharge parameter
  • Firmware upgrading
  • New inverter communication protocol

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