Commercial ON-OFF Grid Use Solutions


Outdoor New PV plant energy storage solution

This comprehensive solution consists of an IP 54 hybrid inverter integrated with both Photovoltaic (PV) input and Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) function , complemented by an IP 54-rated battery cabinet. This amalgamation of cutting-edge components establishes it as the optimal selection for the deployment of new solar photovoltaic plants, particularly tailored for commercial applications.

Mercurius 60K
  • On-grid output 60 KW
  • Off-grid output 60 KW
  • PV input 90 KW
Galaxy 70
  • 70 KWH
  • Max output power 60 KW
  • 716 Vdc
Galaxy 200
  • 200 KWH
  • Max output power 100 KW
  • 716 Vdc

System configuration

Tailored to meet your specific energy needs, our optimized configurations offer the flexibility of pairing the Mercurius 60KW with either two units of Galaxy 70 or a single Galaxy 200. This strategic combination results in a versatile 60 KW inverter system with storage capacities 140KWH or 200KWH, providing a customized solution to address your energy demands efficiently.

60KW on/off grid output , 90 KW PV input , 70 KWH ESS

Mercurius 60 K + Galaxy 70

60KW on/off grid output , 90 KW PV input , 140 KWH ESS

Mercurius 60 K + Galaxy 70 * 2

60KW on/off grid output , 90 KW PV input , 200 KWH ESS

Mercurius 60 K + Galaxy 200

The system is designed to be expandable, allowing up to 4 units of Mercurius 60 KW to operate in parallel, enabling the creation of a robust 240 KW system with 360 KW PV input, coupled with its expandable Energy Storage System (ESS). 


The advanced Hybrid On-Off Grid System seamlessly integrates photovoltaic (PV) technology and an energy storage system into your power network. Featuring a robust 60-240 KW power capacity and an IP54 protection rating, it stands as an ideal choice for new solar photovoltaic plants, specifically tailored for commercial applications.


Dynamic Capacity Enhancement of Transformers

When establishing an Electric Vehicle (EV) charging station but facing constraints in contracted power from the grid, the solution offers an immediate remedy. You can swiftly construct a microgrid, starting with an additional 60 KW. Should this prove insufficient, seamlessly integrate more Mercurius 60 K and Galaxy units to expand your microgrid capacity up to an impressive 240 KW by connecting in 4 units .


Peak Shaving and Load Shifting for Existing PV plant

Say farewell to the conventional practice of selling excess energy back to the grid. With this function, advanced energy generated by photovoltaic (PV)  is intelligently stored in ESS . This stored energy becomes a reliable power source for your home during periods when the PV generation is insufficient. Embracing this capability ensures a more self-sufficient and sustainable energy model .


Timed and Power limited Charging and Discharging

Fully charge the Energy Storage System (ESS) during low-cost valley hours and strategically discharge stored energy during high-demand peak hours for effective energy arbitrage. This ensures cost optimization by leveraging price differentials in the energy market.


UPS Level Energy Back-Up for Emergency power supply

Charge the batteries whenever feasible. In the event of a grid outage, the system seamlessly powers your home using the stored energy in the Energy Storage System (ESS).