SOLE X Series

SOLE X Series Indoor energy storage system for C&I use Sole X series Energy storage system Enhance your energy management with the SOLE X SERIES, an economical and modular 20~215 KWH battery energy storage system that brings top-tier efficiency within reach. Initially, tailor your storage capacity with flexible modules that span from 20 KWH to […]

Inverter three-phase 30-60kw

KY-EST30KH/ KY-EST35KH/ KY-EST40KH/ KY-EST45KH/KY-EST50KH/ KY-EST55KH/ KYEST60KH/KY-EST65KH series inverters, also known as hybrid or bidirectional solar inverters, are suitable for photovoltaic , energy management of solar energy systems such as batteries, loads, and grids. The electricity generated by the photovoltaic panels is used for residential electricity, and the excess electricity can be stored in batteries. When the battery is fully charged, the user can send the excess power to the grid .

When the photovoltaic power is not enough to meet the user’s load demand, the battery will discharge to the load. If there is insufficient energy storage in the battery, the grid will supply power to the load through the system.The inverter has a transformerless topology and there is no isolation between DC input and AC output. Adaptive PV models must meet the IEC61730 class a standard. The energy management system is shown in Figure

High voltage energy storage system-SOLE 15000

Sole 15000 High voltage energy storage system Cluster 1500V @ 2866KWh Our three-level management solution for efficient and scalable energy storage is based on a Battery Management System(BMS), Remote Terminal Unit (RTU), and System control unit (SCU).At the core of the system, the BMS provides essential cell control, monitoring, and protection for reliable and safe […]

Low voltage energy storage system-SOLE 5000

SOLE 5000 Low voltage energy storage system SOLE 5000 The SOLE 5000 home Energy Storage System (ESS) is a lithium iron phosphate battery (LiFePo4) based system with a nominal capacity of 5.12 KWh at 51.2 VDC / 100Ah. It is suitable for small and medium-sized houses, and up to 16 modules can be connected in […]