SOLE X Series

SOLE X Series Indoor energy storage system for C&I use Sole X series Energy storage system Enhance your energy management with the SOLE X SERIES, an economical and modular 20~215 KWH battery energy storage system that brings top-tier efficiency within reach. Initially, tailor your storage capacity with flexible modules that span from 20 KWH to […]

Off-grid 100 KW ESS

Off grid 100 KW ESS With 100 KW PV and 100 KW Diesel Generator Off Grid 100 KW ESS: Powering Sustainability Beyond the Grid In the realm of renewable energy solutions, Off Grid 100 KW ESS (Off-grid 100-kilowatt Energy Storage Systems) has emerged as a pivotal technology, driving the advancement of sustainable energy transitions. This […]

Commercial on-off grid use

Commercial ON-OFF Grid Use Solutions 60K-240KW THREE PHASE Outdoor New PV plant energy storage solution This comprehensive solution consists of an IP 54 hybrid inverter integrated with both Photovoltaic (PV) input and Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) function , complemented by an IP 54-rated battery cabinet. This amalgamation of cutting-edge components establishes it as the optimal […]

Industrial on-grid Use

Industrial On-grid Use Solutions Three phase 100-2400 KW AC Charging and Discharging Outdoor Energy Storage Solution With AC charging and Discharging Outdoor energy storage solution for industrial on-grid use. It includes an IP 54-rated cabinet with a 4 KW air-conditioner, lithium battery, bidirectional AC-DC inverter, EMS (Energy Management System), antifire system, humidity and temperature sensors, […]

Industrial off-grid Use

Industrial Off-grid Use Solutions Three phase 100-2000 KW PCS with Isolated Transformer Off-grid Energy Storage Solution with Isolated Transformer Energy storage solution for off-grid industrial applications, our system combines the Galaxy K series PCS with the Galaxy 215 Energy Storage System. The Galaxy K series, equipped with PCS, STS, and an isolated transformer, is designed […]

BESS Arbitrage

Timed and Power Limited Charging and Discharging BESS ARBITRAGE SOLUTION Timed and power limited Charging and discharging is mainly applied in peak-valley electricity price arbitrage, utilizing low-cost valley electricity to charge from the grid and discharging to the load during peak periods, while making efforts to avoid discharging excess energy to the grid. Key Features […]

Peak Shaving and Load Shifting for Existing PV plant

Peak Shaving and Load Shifting for Existing PV plant Eliminate the power limit from grid Peak Shaving and Load Shifting for Existing PV plant is an integrated power generation solution that combines photovoltaic (PV) solar generation with energy storage technology. Employing an AC-coupling scheme, this system features the parallel connection of PV inverters and PCS […]

ESS for Energy Back-up

Energy Back-up For Unstable Power Grid and grid outage Back-up with Solar switched by Electrical Switch The Energy Management System (EMS) efficiently utilizes the backup system with solar and without a generator to ensure reliable power supply. The EMS establishes seamless communication with the bidirectional meter to continuously monitor real-time grid voltage and frequency. Upon […]

Dynamic Capacity Enhancement of Transformers

Dynamic Capacity Enhancement of Transformer Adjust your maximum power limit with the grid company Dynamic Capacity Enhancement of Transformers Our specialized grid application is tailored to overcome power limitations. By aligning the configured grid-to-load power with the rated transformer capacity or limitation value from the grid company , the Energy Management System (EMS) efficiently controls […]

Galaxy K Series

Galaxy K Series ON-OFF grid PCS Cabinet with Isolated transformer ,ON-OFF grid swtich less than 20 ms and EMS Galaxy 100K ON-OFF grid PCS Cabinet with Isolated transformer  ,ON-OFF grid swtich < 20 ms and EMS AC Side Rated output  power  :  100 KW Max output power : 100 KW Frequency : 50/60 Hz Rated […]