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Make lithium battery easy , reliable and safe .

Make lithium battery easy , reliable and safe .

Our commitment to easy ,reliable and safe lithium battery energy storage systems is reflected in our use of the most dependable cells, advanced cell grouping processes, stable battery pack production, optimized charge and discharge management systems, and an IoT battery management system .


Our IoT system provides real-time monitoring and control capabilities for matching your existing inverter , firmware upgrading and trouble shooting , that makes installation and mantainence much easier


Every single battery model is designed with temperature rise analysis and force analysis using the safest LFP cell , in the quality control we do welding depth test and thermography on every batch for consistency .


FFD POWER ensure the consistent performance and longevity by using active equalizing system and Tier 1 A-Grade Cells and minimize maintenance and false alarms with our advanced battery management logic.

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