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10 Years in Electrical Engineering

FFD POWER is committed to providing energy storage technology that is Easy, Secure, and Flexible. We leverage online Battery Management System (BMS) technology to streamline after-sales services, enhancing convenience. Our Intelligent Energy Management Architecture (EMA®) further strengthens our capabilities in electrical engineering.

This capacity empowers our team to deliver rapid and precise after-sales support. Utilizing predictive functionality through accurate monitoring of cell performance enables us to proactively address issues before they arise.

FFD POWER is formerly known as FFD TEC , stands as a premier company of high-quality energy storage solution. Established in 2012 by Dr. Francisco Ferrer Dalmau and Mr. Li Ang, the company initially focused on providing comprehensive solutions for electrical commercial vehicles. 

As of September 2023, we have successfully supplied energy storage equipment and management services to industrial, commercial, and residential users in 25 countries, including Italy, Spain, Germany, the Netherlands, Vietnam, Ukraine, Senegal, Nigeria, and others. Our commitment to customer satisfaction is evident through established branches in Italy, Germany, and Spain, providing localized after-sales support .

FFD POWER Production

You ask, we answer

Frequently asked questions to FFD POWER , for the questions not listed please contact our customer service 

We are located in Guangdong , China

Basically we have CE-EMC certificated released by EU notified body CELAB , tested according EN IEC 61000 , UN 38.3 and MSDS for transport

Advanced certificate we have IEC 62619 test and certified by DEKRA and TUV 

Yes , FFD POWER has began to manufacture Li-ion batteries for OEM/ODM , we are still working in this 

We establish after sales center together with local partner for after sales service , the waranty and maintenance services are guaranteed by the local company. 

Together with our local partner FFD POWER, we ensure excellent post-sales customer service through a range of measures, including:

  • A dedicated customer support team: Our customer support team is available to quickly and efficiently answer questions and resolve issues for our customers.

  • Product warranty: We offer a warranty for our products to ensure that our customers can use them safely and reliably.

  • Training and technical support: We provide our customers with the necessary training and technical support to make optimal use of our products.

  • Spare parts: We provide a wide range of spare parts to our customers to ensure that our products can be effectively repaired and maintained.

All of these measures allow us to provide high-quality post-sales customer service to our customers.

Present in 25 countries 4 sales and service center


Headquarter and R&D

Center (2000 )

Building 1 , Ping An industrial park , No.3, Shuixiang Avenue, Machong Town Dongguan ,China

Guangdong FFD POWER CO., LTD (Huizhou branch)

Production site 

(10080 )

No.152, Fuda Industrial Zone, Futian Town, Boluo County, Huizhou City, Guangdong Province, China.

Matech Srl

Italian sales and service center

  (3000 )

No.5 ,Via San Pietro , Gabbioneta , Cremona

FFD Power Italy Srl

Europe EMS and R&D center

  (6000 )

Via 25 Aprile , Ostiano , Cremona ,Italia

FFD Power Germany GMBH

Germany sales and service

  (200 )

Bötzinger Str. 29a (Rückgebäude), 79111, Freiburg i. Brsg.

FFD Power Spain

Spain sales and service

(300 )

Riera de Figuera Major, 37 local 1 Mataró