Galaxy 215-2H

Distributed Energy Storage Cabinet

Galaxy 215-2H An Efficient Energy Storage Solution

Your innovative energy storage solution, the Galaxy 215-2H Distributed Energy Storage Cabinet, represents cutting-edge technology aimed at meeting the growing demand for energy reserves. It’s constructed from 15 modules, each with a capacity of 14.33kWh, collectively forming a powerful 215kWh energy storage system.

  • Multi-Component Integration: The Galaxy 215-2H is designed with multiple components, including battery modules, BMU (Battery Management Unit), high-voltage cabinets, RCU (Remote Control Unit), and EMS (Energy Management System). These components work together to provide efficient and reliable energy storage.
  • Intelligent Air-Cooled Design: To ensure optimal performance and durability, our storage cabinet features an intelligent air-cooled design. This design not only helps maintain the storage system’s temperature within the optimal range but also enhances overall efficiency.
  • Peak Shaving and Load Shifting Strategy: Galaxy 215-2H is designed to fully comply with China’s grid management policies, offering significant potential for cost savings by smartly charging and discharging twice daily. This not only reduces electricity costs but also aids in peak load reduction.

Galaxy 215-2H An Efficient Energy Storage Solution

  • Modular Design: The modular design of Galaxy 215-2H allows for flexible combinations based on your specific requirements, enabling greater energy reserves. This design enhances system flexibility and simplifies maintenance.
  • Greater Energy Reserves, More Options: The multi-functional modular system of Galaxy 215-2H allows you to easily expand energy reserves to meet various scale and type requirements, from industrial and commercial to agricultural applications.


    Galaxy 215-2H Distributed Energy Storage Cabinet represents the future of energy reserve solutions, embodying efficiency, sustainability, and reliability. Whether it’s peak shaving, load shifting, or coping with unexpected power outages, it’s the perfect solution for your energy needs.      


An Efficient Energy Storage Solution

  • BMU, RCU, and EMS Integrated Internally: BMU, RCU, and EMS are integrated internally for seamless operation.


  • Modular Design, Support for Parallel Expansion: Modular design allows for parallel expansion of functionality.


  • Multiple Operating Modes for Various Applications: Supports various operating modes to suit different application scenarios.


  • Multiple Built-in Protection Functions (Lightning, Fire, Theft, etc.): Multiple protection functions, including lightning protection, fire prevention, and anti-theft features, are built in.


  • Switchable Between Off-Grid and Grid-Tied: Can seamlessly switch between off-grid and grid-tied modes.


  • Three-Phase 100% Unbalanced Load Capacity: Capable of handling 100% unbalanced loads in a three-phase system.


  • Perfectly Matches Peak and Off-Peak Electricity Prices with Two Charge and Two Discharge Cycles: Optimized for taking advantage of peak and off-peak electricity pricing with two charge and two discharge cycles daily.


  • Brand New A-Grade Battery Cells for Longevity (Over 6000 Cycles): Equipped with brand new A-grade battery cells with a cycle life of over 6000 cycles.
MODEL:Galaxy 215kWh-2H
Cell typeLFP,EVE LF280K
System battery configuration1P240S
Battery capacity (BOL) at DC side215 kWh
System output voltage range 600V~876V
Dimensions of battery unit (W *H * D)*1600mm*2360mm*1050mm 
Weight of battery unit*≈2200kg
Degree of protectionESS Cabinet IP55,pcs CabinetIP44  
Corrosion protection levelC 3 
Relative humidity0 ~ 95 % (non-condensing)
Operating temperature range-30℃ ~ 50℃ (> 45℃ derating)
Max. working altitude3000 m
Cooling concept of battery chamberSmart air cooling
Fire safety equipmentCombustible gas detection and ventilation system, Water-based fire suppression
Nominal AC power 100KW
Max.THD of current<3%
Nominal grid voltage400 V
Grid voltage range360 ~ 440 V
Nominal grid frequency50/60 Hz
Grid frequency range45~55 Hz, 55~65 Hz