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From 20 KWh to 10 MWh capacity, whether connected to high voltage or low voltage, on-grid or off-grid in combination with solar, wind, water, or cogeneration – our broad product portfolio covers all application areas and can be individually tailored to your requirements.

Modular design Battery storage system

70 KWH Battery storage system

SOLE 10000-XS

The SOLE 10000-XS is a high-voltage energy storage system consisting of multiple LFP battery modules, each with a capacity of 102.4Vdc/100 AH, and one high-voltage box. By adjusting the quantity of battery modules, this system can provide a storage capacity ranging from 20 KWH to 122.88 KWH

These names indicate different configurations where the specified number of SOLE 10000 battery packs (ranging from 3 to 12 packs) are connected in series. For example, “SOLE 10000-4S” means four battery packs are connected in series, resulting in an increased voltage output.

  • SOLE 10000-2S: 20.58KWH ; 204.8V 100AH
  • SOLE 10000-3S: 30.72KWH ; 307.2V 100AH
  • SOLE 10000-4S: 40.96KWH ; 409.6V 100AH
  • SOLE 10000-5S: 51.20KWH ; 512.0V 100AH
  • SOLE 10000-6S: 61.44KWH ; 614.4V 100AH
  • SOLE 10000-7S: 71.68KWH ; 716.8V 100AH
  • SOLE 10000-8S: 81.92KWH ; 819.2V 100AH
  • SOLE 10000-9S: 92.16KWH ; 921.6V 100AH
343 KWH battery storage system

SOLE 15000-XS

The SOLE 15000-XS is a high-voltage energy storage system comprising multiple LFP battery modules, specifically the SOLE 15000 model, each with a capacity of 51.2Vdc/280 AH. This system includes a high-voltage enclosure designed for energy storage and distribution, supplying power to inverters, PCS units, chargers, and dischargers.

These names indicate different configurations where the specified number of SOLE 15000 battery packs (ranging from 4 to 24 packs) are connected in series. For example, “SOLE 15000-4S” means four battery packs are connected in series, resulting in an increased voltage output.

  • SOLE 15000-4S: 57.32KWH ; 204.8V 280AH
  • SOLE 15000-5S: 71.65KWH ; 256V 280AH
  • SOLE 15000-6S: 85.98KWH ; 307.2V 280AH
  • SOLE 15000-7S: 100.13KWH ; 358.4V 280AH
  • SOLE 15000-8S: 114.64KWH ; 409.6V 280AH
  • SOLE 15000-9S: 128.97KWH ; 460.8V 280AH
  • SOLE 15000-10S: 143.3KWH ; 512V 280AH
  • SOLE 15000-11S: 157.63KWH ; 563.2V 280AH
  • SOLE 15000-12S: 171.96KWH ; 614.4V 280AH
  • SOLE 15000-13S: 186.29KWH ; 665.6V 280AH
  • SOLE 15000-14S: 200.62KWH ; 716.8V 280AH
  • SOLE 15000-15S: 214.95KWH ; 768V 280AH

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AC coupled Outdoor Battery storage system


Outdoor 215 KWH Energy storage System integrated with EMS and 100KW PCS 

  • IP 54-rated cabinet 
  • 4 KW double air-conditioner
  • LFP battery
  • Bidirectional AC-DC inverter
  • EMS (Energy Management System)
  • Antifire system
  • Humidity and temperature sensors
  • Water immersion sensors
  • UPS for grid outage

Meticulously designed for seamless integration into the three-phase grid via the functionality of AC charging and discharging, this solution transcends traditional applications. 

SOLE 15000
HV 1500
Air conditioner

Our integrated energy storage system for commercial and industrial use GALAXY 215 AIO-2H is configured with an EMS, a 100 KW three-phase PCS (Bidirectional AC-DC), a 215 KWH lithium battery, and a UPS for Black start functionality. This foundational module allows for the seamless construction of a scalable system, capable of reaching up to 1 MW PCS power and 2.15 MWH capacity in an energy storage system through AC coupling.

2.15 MWH Energy storage system with 1MW charging and discharging capacity

Galaxy 215 AIO-2H *10

Containerized Energy Storage System


The 3.42MWh battery container consists of

• Battery container body,
• Including distribution and uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems,
• An automatic fire suppression system, video surveillance system,
• Liquid cooling temperature control system
• Submerged fire extinguishing system.

Additionally, it encompasses the battery energy storage system, comprising
battery racks, battery modules, DC combiner box, and control cabinet, as well as
lightning protection and grounding systems

3.42 MWH Energy storage system

 is mainly applied in peak-valley electricity price arbitrage, utilizing low-cost valley electricity to charge from the grid and discharging to the load during peak periods, while making efforts to avoid discharging excess energy to the grid.

Say farewell to the conventional practice of selling excess energy back to the grid. With this function, advanced energy generated by photovoltaic (PV)  is intelligently stored in ESS . This stored energy becomes a reliable power source for your home during periods when the PV generation is insufficient. Embracing this capability ensures a more self-sufficient and sustainable energy model .

is an integrated power generation solution that combines photovoltaic (PV) solar generation with energy storage technology. Employing an AC-coupling scheme, this system features the parallel connection of PV inverters …

Charge the batteries whenever feasible. In the event of a grid outage, the system seamlessly powers your home using the stored energy in the Energy Storage System (ESS).

FFD POWER specializes in the design and manufacture of lithium-ion battery systems. Our expertise covers the entire process, from cell selection to pack assembly and BMS development. We also offer the option for IoT control for real-time monitoring and control of the battery pack. Whether it’s for small portable devices or large-scale energy storage systems.