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Empowering Your Energy Future Energy Freedom with FFD POWER

FFD POWER provides super reliable battery for solar with Active equalizing system +A Grade Tier ONE Cell . Tested and certified by TUV , DEKRA CELAB for CE-EMC IEC 62619 UN38.3 

Individual for home use

Importer for project or distribution

Energy Storage Made Easy With FFD POWER's Home and Industrial Solutions.

Choosing the right battery for your solar system means clean, reliable energy without relying on the grid. Our high-quality and affordable solar batteries provide a safe and efficient solution for your energy needs. Take advantage of renewable energy and choose the best battery for your solar system today !

Marte Series
Sole 5000
Sole 15000
Marte Series
Sole 5000
Sole 15000
Sole 5000 solar battery Solaranlage speicher

Star Battery Product for Solar Systems

The SOLE 5000 home Energy Storage System (ESS) is a lithium iron phosphate battery (LiFePo4) based system with a nominal capacity of 5.12 KWh at 51.2 VDC / 100Ah.

It is suitable for small and medium-sized houses, and up to 16 modules can be connected in parallel to increase the capacity to 81.9 KWh. This ESS can be connected to the Internet of Things (IoT) communication module and can be remotely updated to work with various low-voltage single-phase and three-phase inverters, making it suitable for multiple application scenarios. This ESS can be used to store excess solar energy or cheap night-time energy and release it as needed, such as during power outages or at night.

Advantages of our battery for solar system

Our proprietary IoT remote control and monitor system allows our Technicians from factory to help the distributors and final users resolve any after sales issues efficiently , using our solar batteries you don’t have to wait anymore when found a problem or a doubt. 

Match with all existing inverters

2 Clicks on FFD POWER , SOLE 5000 can match all inverters on the market

Highest Performance

Test and certified according IEC 62619

Long life

Active equalizing system +A Grade Tier ONE Cell . Tested and certified by TUV , DEKRA CELAB for CE-EMC IEC 62619 UN38.3

Fantastic after sales service

Our remote troubleshooting and inteligent solution system can garantee the super efficient aftersales service

Read What My Clients Say About Their Experience using FFD POWER battery for solar system

Sole 5000 is an amazing solar battery , we have used for multi solar systems with inverters of different brands ...This function is the ideal for company likes us who distribute Li-ion batteries for photovoltaic industry...

Active equalizing system is a fantastic function , with other cascadable batteries when we do connection in parallel , we have to charge one by one to make all the batteries same volt , with this system , we just connect them and charge one ...


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